Trips & Rates


Deluxe Pack Trips

$250 per person per day (2 people)
$185 per person per day (3-7 people)
($30 less per day for hikers)

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You can pick from an overnight to a 5 day trip. All you need to bring is your personal gear including sleeping bag. We’ll provide everything else including the tent. With the larger groups we’ll add another cook and/ or wrangler. We do the Dutch oven cooking for cowboy breakfasts and dinners. Entree’s such as chicken enchiladas, filet mignon and prime rib.

Drop Camps

$400 per person (4 or more people)
$500 per person (2 or 3 people)
($60 less for hikers)

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Take a load off. Hire my mules to pack in your gear! I will come back on a prearranged day and pack you out. You have the choice to ride a horse in and out or hike.

Wrangler’s Special

$225 per person per day (3-7 people)
(includes wrangler)

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With this trip you decide whether you will stay overnight or up to 5 days. You provide the food and do the cooking and feed the wrangler. That way I can do the horse chores a little quicker and enjoy your culinary delights.

Progressive Rides

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If your trip is for more than 2 days and you would like to progress to more than one campsite during your ride; then it will be $50 more per person per move. I need a heads up on this one as I may need to sign on an extra wrangler.

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